Two brothers set out on quest for adventure, excitement, and (vicarious) Olympic glory.

Thanks for coming to our blog. On July 12th, Andrew and I set out for Europe where we plan to travel the continent (and beyond) before settling in to watch the Olympics in London. This blog will serve as a journal of our experiences, a link to content developed for Stats Driven (Andrew’s “sabermetrics” blog),  and a venue for commentary on our experience.

We would love for this to be as interactive as possible, so please feel free to leave your comments on the site or contact us by email. We will try to have at least one of us post once every few days to keep you interested.

Cheers, and Go USA!


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  1. We appreciate your sharing of your thoughts commemorating the spirit of champions competing for ultimate glory and immortality for many centuries. May your time in Europe be an opportunity to draw closer to your fellow “bro” companion even as you compete on a daily basis to see who can answer which jeopardy question, who gets the last slice of bread, who can use the last clean glass, etc…

    Seriously, we are blessed to have you both sharing your experiences and enjoying each others company and those of the many friends you will meet. May our ever present God watch over you in all that you do.


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